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Also called Microsat 1 or AO-16 or Oscar 16


Designation 20439 / 90005D
Launch date 22 Jan 1990
Country of origin United States
Mission Telecommunications
Perigee/Apogee 781/797 km
Inclination 98.6°
Period 100.6 min
Launch vehicle Ariane V35
Mass at launch 9 kg

Based on a Amsat-NA Microsat bus

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Technical data

S-Band beacon 2401.143 MHz
Uplink 1200 bps Manchester coded (Biphase-L) FSK (FM) AX.25
145.900 145.920 145.940 145.960 MHz
Downlink 1200 bps BPSK (SSB) AX.25, either one of the two frequencies below:
  437.026 MHz (LHCP in northern hemisphere), normal unfiltered PSK
437.051 MHz (RHCP in northern hemisphere), Raised Cosine modulation

Passive magnetic stabilization

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