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Polarization and Anisotropy of Reflectances for Atmospheric Sciences coupled with Observations from a Lidar


Designation 28498 / 04049G
Launch date 18 Dec 2004
Country of origin France
Mission Remote sensing
Perigee/Apogee 705 km
Inclination 98.1°
Period 98 min
Launch vehicle Ariane V165

Part of a group of satellite (the "A-train") which observe the same phenomena within minutes (15 max). The other satellites are: Parasol, EOS PM 1, EOS Chemistry 1, Picasso-Cena / Calipso, Cloudsat, and OCO.

The satellite sent its first pictures on 7 Jan 2005 and is operating nominally.

Left the A-train in Dec 2009, to be replaced by Glory (to be launched in 2010).

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Technical data


Prime contractor Alcatel Space & EADS
Platform Myriade
Mass at launch 125 kg
Mass in orbit  
Dimension 0.6 x 0.6 x 1 m
Solar array  
DC power  
Design lifetime 2 years

payload very similar to Polder which flew on Adeos 1

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