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Polysat CP6


Designation 35004 / 09028D
Launch date 19 May 2009
Country of origin United States
Mission Technology
Perigee/Apogee 433/473 km
Inclination 40.5°
Period 93.5 min
Launch vehicle Minotaur #8

The primary mission of CP6 is to implement an attitude control system using only magnetic torquers embedded within the side panels. Attitude determination is performed using two-axis magnetometers on each side panel as well as observation imagers on the payload face.

Once the primary objectives have been met, a command will be sent to deploy the secondary payload that consists of a series of spring steel tapes (built by NRL). The data will be used to guide the future design of an electrodynamic tether.

Downlink: 437.365 MHz

End of life

Decay 6 Oct 2011

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