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Tango & Mango


Designation 36599 / 10028B
Launch date 15 Jun 2010
Country of origin Sweden
Mission Technology
Perigee/Apogee 730 km
Inclination 98.3°
Period 100 min
Launch vehicle Dnepr #15

Two identical satellites were launched. Stayed attached during 2 months checkout period. Tango, the second satellite, was identified as 36827 / 10028F, it separated on 11 Aug 2010.

Prisma will demonstrate new technologies for formation flying and close interaction between space vehicles. Such technologies will be useful in future scientific missions requiring many small spacecraft that can interact and form powerful antennas and telescopes.

Has a new propulsion system with an environmentally friendly propellant, HPGP (High Performance Green Propellant). Will also test silicon-based cold gas micro thrusters developed by NanoSpace, a subsidiary of the Swedish Space Corporation.

Should downlink on 400.55 MHz, 2.214, 2.275 & 2.105 GHz

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