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Prognoz 11

Also called Interbol 1 or SO-M2 #512


Designation 23633 / 95039A
Launch date 2 Aug 1995 at 23:59 UT
Country of origin CIS
Mission Scientific: magnetosphere study (Prognoz M2)
Perigee/Apogee 505/193064 km
Inclination 63.8°
Period 5472 min
Launch vehicle Molniya
Mass at launch 1200 kg

This satellite is the Khvostovoy Zond ("Tail") satellite of Project Interbol, intended to investigate the Earth's geomagnetic tail.

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On-board science instruments

SKA-1, PROMICS-3, VDP, AMEI-2, CORAL, ALPHA3 (plasma ions)
ELECTRON, (plasma electrons)
MONITOR-3 (solar wind ions with high time resolution)
IFPE (ion and electron flux variations)
MIF-M, FGS-1, FM-31 (magnetometers); OPERA (electric field)
AKR-X (solar radio emission 0.1-1.5 MHz)
RF-15-1 (solar X-rays 2-240 keV)
SKA-2, DOK-2, SOSNA-2, RKA-2 (energetic particles)

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