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Raduga 33


Designation 23794 / 96010A
Launch date 19 February 1996
Country of origin CIS
Mission Telecommunications
Geostationary orbit n/a
Launch vehicle Proton #240

The upper stage (Block-DM2) failed to restart after first burn to circularize the orbit. Thus the satellite remained in GTO. Failure analysis determined that at second ignition of the Block DM, the main engine experienced an emergency commanded shutdown. The probable cause of the failure was a pressure leak in the engine start system. The leak was most likely caused by an inadequate lockwire installation on a start system tube joint nut, which allowed the nut to back off under vibration. Corrective actions include increasing the lockwire diameter and adding a second, redundant lockwire to the affected joint.

End of life

Out of service 19 Feb 1996
Cause Launch failure
Decay 6 May 2004

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