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Resurs DK 1


Designation 29228 / 06021A
Launch date 15 Jun 2006
Country of origin CIS
Mission Remote sensing
Perigee/Apogee 355/585 km
Inclination 69.9°
Period 94 min
Launch vehicle Soyuz #867

Owned, designed, built and operated by TsSKB Progress.
Should provide 1 m panchromatic resolution data over a +/- 30° direction. Multispectral resolution: 2 m

Roskosmos is funding the project. Apart from the supply of satellite imagery to civil government authorities, the Resurs-DK1 products are to be marketed on a commercial basis by Sovinformsputnik of Moscow.

A malfunction occured right after launch, system activation was not complete due to a computer glitch. Was quickly fixed.

In Sep 2010, the satellite raised its orbit to 567 x 573 km

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Technical data


Prime contractor TsSKB Progress
Platform Yantar
Mass at launch 6650 kg
Payload mass 1200 kg
Dimension 7.4 m high, 14 m span
Solar array 2 arrays
Stabilization 3-axis
DC power  
Design lifetime 3 years

Should downlink in X-band (300 Mbps)

It is based on the Terilen/Neman class reconnaissance satellite in use since the 1980s, using the Yantar satellite bus.

Earth Surface Imager (ESI)

Optoelectronic pushbroom imaging instrument. The instrument provides panchromatic and multispectral imagery in a total of four bands in the visual and near-infrared spectral range.

Payload for AntiMatter Exploration and Light-nuclei Astrophysics (PAMELA)

A Russian/Italian magnet spectrometer that is to observe the fluxes of charged particles and non-stationary phenomena in cosmic ray research.
Will measure the energy spectrum of antiprotons and positrons in the cosmic radiation.
Needs 360 W power


A Russian spectrometer and particle detector for the observation of solar-magnetosphere variations of charged particle fluxes.
To study electromagnetic field fluctuations, the precursors of earthquakes.

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