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RÖntgen SATellit


Designation 20638 / 90049A
Launch date 1 Jun 1990
Country of origin Germany
Operator DLR (German aerospace research establishment)
Mission Scientific: X-ray astronomy
Perigee/Apogee 538/553 km
Inclination 53°
Period 95.6 min
Launch vehicle Delta 2 #195

Designed to produce an all-sky survey of some 100,000 X-ray sources, and first all-sky survey in the extreme ultraviolet (XUV) spectrum using the UK-provided Wide Field Camera.

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End of life

Out of service Sep 1998
Cause pointed accidentaly towards the sun which destroyed the payload.
Decay 23 Oct 2011

Technical data


Prime contractor Astrium (was Dornier)
Mass at launch 2426 kg
Payload mass 1555 kg
Dimension 2.4 x 2.1 x 4.5 m
Solar array 4.7 x 8.9 m
Stabilization 3-axis
DC power EOL: 1000 W
Design lifetime 1.5 years
Telemetry - Data S-band

X-ray telescope

Maximum aperture 835 mm
Focal length 2.4 m
On-axis resolution 1.8 arcsecs
Wavelength 0.6-1 µm

It monitors soft 0.1-2.4 keV X-rays.

Wield Field Camera

Maximum aperture 576 mm
Focal length 525 mm
On-axis resolution 1 arcmin
Wavelength 0.6-3 µm

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