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Seds 2

Small Expendable Deployer System


Designation 23028 / 94016B
Launch date 10 Mar 1994 at 03:40 UT
Country of origin United States
Mission Tether experiment
Operator NASA
Perigee/Apogee 347 / 352 km
Inclination 34.9°
Launch vehicle Delta 2 #226
Launch site Cape Canaveral LC17
Mass at launch 23 kg

It is a package attached to the Delta second stage rocket which was to deploy a 20 km tether to compare actual tether dynamics with theoretical models. The end mass behaved as expected and unreeled in 1 h 48 min to a maximum length of 19.8 km.

Unlike Seds 1 for which the tether was severed after deploy, the tether remained attached to the Delta rocket. The end mass mini-satellite transmitted for 10 hours. On 15 Mar 1995 Seds separated from the tether because of an impact and reentred.

The success of Seds 2 confirms that tether systems can be used to deploy sensors which require a particular orientation to the local vertical, such as atmospheric composition experiments.

End of life

Out of service 15 Mar 1994
Decay 8 May 1994

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