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Space Flyer Unit


Designation 23521 / 95011A
Launch date 17 Mar 1995
Country of origin Japan
Mission Scientific
Perigee/Apogee 467/496 km
Inclination 28.5°
Period 92 min
Launch vehicle H2

SFU carried out materials processing, technology and astronomy experiments. It carried the 0.15 m liquid helium cooled IR Telescope in Space (IRTS), with near and mid infrared spectrometers; a biology experiment studying salamander eggs; an electron density experiment; materials processing furnaces; and technology experiments with solar arrays and an electric thruster. It also carried an experimental platform to test technology for the JEM Exposed Facility planned for the Space Station, and as such it is the first flight element of Japan's Station program.

End of life

Out of service 20 Jan 1996
Cause Retrieved by STS 72

Downlink frequency: 2263.602 MHz

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