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Also called XTAR-LANT (part of the transponders leased by XTAR)


Designation 28945 / 06007A
Launch date 11 Mar 2006
Country of origin Spain
Mission Military: Telecommunications
Geostationary orbit 30°W
Launch vehicle Ariane V170

Operated by HISDESAT SA, a company owned by Hispasat (51%) and other Spanish companies (EADS CASA Espacio, Indra and Sener). Capacity leased and dedicated to the Spanish Ministry of Defense. Eight transponders are leased to XTAR.

Went operational in Apr 2006.

In Dec 2003, while preparing the shipping into a container, the satellite fell off 1 m when a cable failed. The launch will be delayed.

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Technical data

Lyngsat transponder loading


Prime contractor SS/L
Platform FS-1300
Mass at launch 3683 kg
Dry mass 1467 kg
Dimension 5.4 x 2.8 x 2.2 m (31.4 m deployed)
Solar array  
Stabilization 3-axis
DC power EOL: 3.6 kW
Design lifetime 15 years

S-band TT&C in 2025-2110 & 2200-2290 MHz. Possibly on 2062 MHz


Main transponders 13
Backup transponders  
Power 100 W TWTA
Bandwidth 72 MHz
Coverage 2 global beams
1 fixed beam for Spain and Europe
3 steerable beams (may overlap)
EIRP max  
G/T max  
Polarization RHCP/LHCP


Main transponders
Backup transponders  
Coverage Spain, Europe, Africa and the Americas
EIRP max  
Frequencies Uplink:

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