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Spark 1

Also called Omni L1


Designation 52157 / 22033A
Launch date 1 Apr 2022
Country of origin United States
Mission LEO telecommunication
Perigee/Apogee 644/664 km
Inclination 97.9°
Period 97.7 min
Launch vehicle Falcon #154

Owned by Omnispace LLC

Thales Alenia Space designed and built the satellite, part of the initial two satellite Omnispace Spark programme, based on a 12U cubesat from NanoAvionics. The new-generation NGSO satellite in low-earth orbit (LEO) will operate in the 2-GHz S-band. Omnispace Spark will support the mobile industry 3GPP standard in band n2561, making connectivity possible direct to compatible devices. This programme will serve to advance the development and implementation of Omnispace's global hybrid non-terrestrial (NTN) network.

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