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Spartan 201-3


Designation 23668 / 95048B
Launch date 8 Sep 1995 at 16.43 UT
Country of origin United States
Mission Scientific: Sun study
Launch vehicle STS 69
Mass at launch 2209 kg

Carried the IEH-1 (International EUV Hitchhiker) built by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. This includes a solar EUV telescope (SEH), and an Italian-US EUV telescope, UVSTAR, which will observe a variety of astronomical targets in the 500-1250A range. Prime target for this mission is Io plasma torus around Jupiter. Comet 6P/D'Arrest, currently near perihelion, may also be observed. UVSTAR has two 0.3 m telescopes.

The spacecraft also carried the GLO-3 airglow experiment in a canister and the CONCAP materials processing experiment in another canister.

End of life

Cause Retrieved by the Shuttle
Reentry 18 Sep 1995

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