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Sputnik 40

Also called PS 2 or Sputnik Jr or RS-17


Designation 24958 / 97058C
Launch date 3 Nov 1997 at 04:05 UT
Country of origin CIS
Mission Technology
Perigee/Apogee 383/391 km
Inclination 51.6°
Launch vehicle none
Launch site Mir space station

1/3 model of Sputnik 01 The model was built by high school students in the republic of Kabardin-Balakarsk in the Russian Federation, in the Caucasus near Chechnya. The radio transmitter payload was built by students on Reunion island, a French territory in the Indian Ocean.

Frequency: 145.820 MHz

End of life

Out of service 29 Dec 1997
Cause stopped transmitting

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