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Sputnik 99


Designation 25685 / 99015C
Launch date 16 Apr 1999 at approx 10:30 UT
Country of origin CIS
Mission Technology
Perigee/Apogee 340 km
Inclination 51.7°
Period 91 min
Launch vehicle none
Launch site Mir space station

Sputnik 99 is at the center of a controversy over use of the amateur radio band. The satellite was developed by AMSAT-F and AMSAT-R the French and Russian amateur radio satellite groups, with help from the Russian Space Agency's flight control center, TsUP. Apparently TsUP made the mistake of arranging with Swatch, a commercial company for messages to be broadcast from the satellite including a trademarked advertising slogan, a flagrant misuse of the amateur radio band. After numerous protests, it was decided before launch to launch the satellite without its batteries, turning it into a passive piece of junk.

End of life

Decay 29 Jul 1999

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