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Also called TDRS G


Designation 23613 / 95035A
Launch date 13 Jul 1995 at 19:55 UT
Country of origin United States
Mission Telecommunications
Geostationary orbit see below
Launch vehicle STS 70 + IUS


Begin End Position
L: 13 Jul 1995 May 1996 150°W (testing)
Jun 1996 Dec 2003 171°W (spare)
Jan 2004 Jun 2009 150.5°W +/- 0.3°
Jul 2009   85°E

The IUS consists of two Solid Rocket Motors (SRM's) which inject the TDRS/IUS into geostationary orbit. The IUS SRM 1 first place the TDRS/IUS into a transfer orbit with an apogee near geosynchronous altitude (burn at 20:55 UT). At the first apogee the IUS SRM 2 fired to place the TDRS/IUS in geostationary orbit (14 Jul at 02:30 UT). The TDRS/IUS was then maneuvered to the appropriate orientation and TDRS 7 separated from the IUS.

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Technical data


Has no C-band capacity.

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