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Also called TDRS I


Designation 27389 / 02012A
Launch date 8 Mar 2002
Country of origin United States
Mission Telecommunications
Geostationary orbit 151°W
Launch vehicle Atlas 2A #137

To be tested from 151°W.


Begin End Position
L: 8 Mar 2002 Oct 2003 151°W
Jan 2004 Sep 2004 173.5°W
Mar 2005   64.5°W
Aug 2009 Aug 2011 62°W
Sep 2011 Apr 2015 41°W
Jun 2015 Jan 2019 12°W
Apr 2019 Jan 2023 62.3°W

Four days after launch, an anomaly occured with one of the 4 fuel tanks, pressure has dropped: a faulty valve prevented helium to pressurize a tank. Once a neighboring tank was empty, helium could be transfered to the faulty tank and little burns were possible. The satellite finally arrived in GEO in early Oct 2002 after months of effort! Enough fuel is available for the 15-year lifetime.

End of life

Out of service Jan 2023
Cause Sent to junk orbit

Technical data


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