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Uosat 2

Also called UO-11 or Oscar 11


Designation 14781 / 84021B
Launch date 1 Mar 1984
Country of origin United Kingdom
Mission Telecommunications
Perigee/Apogee 651/669 km
Inclination 97.8°
Period 98 min
Launch vehicle Thor Delta #174
Launch site Vandenberg

Function: Bulletin store and forward experiment, synthetic voice experiment, space dust and radiation experiments.

External resources


Technical data


Prime contractor University of Surrey (UK)
Platform UoSAT
Mass at launch 60 kg
Dimension 0.58 x 0.36 x 0.36 m
Stabilization 3 axis (gravity gradient, magnetorquer)
DC power BOL: 25 W (12 v, 6.4 Ah NiCd battery)
EOL: 10 W
Design lifetime 3 years

Identical to Uosat 1

Frequency chart

Downlink 1200 bps AFSK/FM (1200 and 2400 Hz tones), synthetic voice and CW.
145.826 MHz, 435.025 MHz, 2401.500 MHz
Beacon 2401.500 MHz

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