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Wind 1


Designation 23333 / 94071A
Launch date 1 Nov 1994 at 09:31 UT
Country of origin United States
Operator NASA (part of the Global Geospace Science program)
Mission Scientific: study of Sun
Perigee/Apogee n/a
Inclination n/a
Period n/a
Launch vehicle Delta 2 #227
Mass at launch 1200 kg

Cost: $173 million, Launched under the MELVS contract

Wind is a spacecraft in the International Solar-Terrestrial Program (ISTP). It carried instruments to measure the solar wind plasma and magnetic field, besides several instruments to measure very energetic particles and gamma rays. Operates together with Polar

After several orbits extending to close proximity of the Moon (at about 60 Earth-radii) and involving several thrust-firings during that phase, the spacecraft will eventually reach the first Lagrangian point (L-1) located at about 275 Earth-radii in the Sun-ward direction and orbit around that point. Orbital parameters are very variable even during the first two years.

Built by Martin Marietta Astra Space

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Technical data

Telemetry: 2275.5 MHz (realtime: 5.56 kbps, playback: 32 or 64 kbps)
Command: 2094.9 MHz (realtime: 250 kbps)

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