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Worldview 2


Designation 35946 / 09055A
Launch date 8 Oct 2009
Country of origin United States
Mission Remote sensing
Perigee/Apogee 775 km
Inclination 98.5°
Period 100.2 min
Launch vehicle Delta 2 #345

WorldView 2 provides eight bands of multi-spectral for life-like true color imagery and greater spectral applications in the mapping and monitoring markets.

Along with the four typical multispectral bands (blue, green, red and near infrared), WorldView-2 is introducing 4 new colour bands for enhanced multispectral analysis: red edge, coastal, yellow and near infrared 2.

It's orbit is planned to be lowered at 680 km in Sep 2011 to provide enhanced performance.

Eight pieces of debris were identified in July 2016 but the satellite is still operating.

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Technical data


Panchromatic Sensor

Wavebands 8 bands
Resolution 1.8m (multi-spectral) or 0.46 m (panchromatic)
Field of regard 16 km
Revisit 1.7 days

Has 2199 gigabits of on-board storage and 800 Mbps X-band data downlink.

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