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Xingyun 2-01 and 2-02

Satellite 2-01 is also named Wuhan


Designation 45602 / 20028A
45603 / 20028B
Launch date 12 May 2020
Country of origin China
Mission LEO Telecommunications
Perigee/Apogee 557 / 572 km
Inclination 97.5°
Period 96 min
Launch vehicle Kuaizhou #12

The first satellites will conduct tests on technologies including space-based IoT communications, inter-satellite laser communications and a low-cost commercial satellite platform.

Each satellite has a launch mass of 93 kg and its main payload is an L-band communication system and a trans-satellite laser communication package. The narrow-band data transfer rate is 2.4 - 9.6 kbps for uplink and 2.4 kbps for downlink.

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