Intelsat S.A.

23 Avenue Monterey, L-2086 Luxemburg
Tel: +352-24-87-99-20

Program: Intelsat

Originally an international organisation, it was privatized in 2001 and required to make an IPO. In Aug 2004, the firm was bought by Zeus Holdings Limited, a company owned at 25% each by Apax Partners, Apollo Management, Madison Dearborn Partners and Permira. Price tag would be $5 billion with consideration of $2 billion debt.
In 2007, the company was acquired by Serafina Holdings Ltd., a group of companies lead by BC Partners (71%) for $5 billion, with $11.4 billion in debt remaining. FCC approved in Dec 2007.

IPO planned for 2012 occured a year later, in April 2013.

In March 2017, a merger with Oneweb aka WorldVu was announced on a share-for-share basis and in the same time SoftBank will invest 1.7 billion USD, but Intelsat bondholders are reluctant.

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